Ja Rule says 50 Cent remain his enemy forever


Ja Rule says 50 Cent remain his enemy forever

Ja Rule and 50 cent remain enemies forever. Ja Rule speaks his mind in the episode of Bravo’s watch what happens live. ‘Rule’ was asked fill questions by Andy Cohen the host of the show.

Here is what the Murder Inc mastermind says when he was asked about his longtime adversary 50 Cent.

“I am removing myself from the circus because what I’ve realized, when you entertain clowns, you become part of the circus. That’s the truth!”

Cohen also asked Ja Rule to name three nice thing about 50 Cent. but ‘RULE’ says “He’s a bad father, he’s got like a big square, box head and he looks like his breath stinks,” he replies. “We’re sworn enemies forever!”

Rule and 50 normally take out their aggression toward one another on social media. Last month, Rule dissed the Power mogul for once being linked to Tekashi 6ix9ine. In the process, Rule became one of many rappers to label the currently incarcerated Brooklynite a “snitch.”

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